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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser (Pink) Review

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What it is: battery-operated power cleanser with attachment head for foaming pads

What it does:  
  • deeply removes dirt, oil, and makeup
  • gives you softer skin after just one use

Price: P575.00 at Watsons

What's in the Box: Power cleanser, attachment head, 14 pads, one AA battery. 

My Verdict: 
I give it 4 stars / power cleansers because I feel that it really cleanses my skin deeply and see the result after using it. I really believe that it cleanses deep into my pores because after I've totally wiped my makeup using makeup remover then washed my face thoroughly with my cleanser and thought that I've totally removed my makeup well you're wrong because when I tried using the Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser, you'll see that it still collects the makeup that you can't remove just by wiping your face with a makeup remover and washing your face. I totally fell in love with it! Although, I don't use it everyday but I make it a point that I use it after wearing makeup to remove as much as it can.

On the bubbly side, it's not that bubbly as you see on commercials. It is true that it leaves your skin soft with using the foam pads but not as soft when you use a cotton round and a different cleanser. Neutrogena and clean&clear cleansers leaves your skin soft even without using the power cleanser.

I know some of you might ask why I gave it 4-stars only because it's the first power cleanser of the neutrogena wave. I also want to try the wave duo because it has 2 speeds which gives me the idea of "more speed=deeper cleaning".

Tips: You can also use cotton rounds which costs around P50 for 80rounds and your preferred cleanser rather than buying a box of Neutrogena Wave Deep Clean Foaming Pad Refills. I use Clean&Clear Active Clear Acne Control Cleanser and Cuddly Cotton Rounds.

*sorry I have no pics coz I've used the pads included in my Neutrogena Wave.  Will add personal/actual pics on future reviews. Thanks! =)

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