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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Eskinol Spot-less White

short quick review of this product:
I love this toner as it really cleans my face and leaves my face smooth like I put primer on or powder. I believe it lightened my pimple scars in just a week I noticed it lightening. As you can see on the pictures below on 12-11-12 I have new pimples but that's because of the foundations I've been trying out and I believe those products is the cause of these pimples coz I havent been having these big pimples when I was using this.

Will I repurchase: Yes but I want to try the other variants. As a matter of fact I just bought the Pimple Fighting Facial Deep Cleanser. I wanna buy the Pore minimizer one but I didn't because I realized that my pores become smaller when I use this so I think it would do the same with any variant-instant pore minimizer. Both variants I've tried feels cool/refreshing after use.

Do I recommend: Yes, just focus on your main concern like if you have pimples and big pores I suggest you choose the pimple fighting.

Price: P48.75/135ml at Watson's

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