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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sophie Paris Koshize Satinlips in Fierce Coral and RadiantFuchsia

Hi all!

So, I just got my order from Sophie! 2 lipsticks from their new line the Satinlips. Ofcourse I'm excited to try asap! Well, for the color I expected the Fierce Coral to be "FIERCE" but as it turned out it's like soft coral but it's okay. But it's like I got another Summer Pink shade. Oh well I almost used up my S.P. lipstick so it's ok I have backup. Anyways, as for the Radiant Fuchsia it is radiant as it said like orchid I guess. For the finish I can say it is like satin goes on smoothly, not sticky or creamy, it's matte, and doesn't feel like you have lipstick on. It's just perfect! But it smells like Chinese/Japanese face cream like "mena?". I'm not sure what it's called but I hope you get what I'm talking about. Anyways, I like it. Haven't tested it staying power but for the darker colors from Sophie J'adore Lipstick I can say the lipstick stains even if you wipe it off and the Radiant Fuchsia is the same.

Price: P240.00

Will I repurchase? Maybe (coz I like to try different lipsticks and shades and I've got a collection of Sophie lipsticks)

Do I recommend this? Yes! It's also affordable!

So, below is the swatch. Hope you like it!

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