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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips

What it says (
Skin Types: All
Totally tugless, two-way makeup remover speeds the departure of hard-to-remove eye and lip makeups. Dissolves and "lifts away" long-wearing makeup, even waterproof mascara. Non-irritating, non-stinging. Ophthalmologist Tested. Appropriate for contact lens wearers.

What I say:
This is my third bottle but my first tow was a sample/deluxe size only from my Aunt and I love using this to remove my waterproof mascara and heavy makeup. I got this at Duty Free Ph for $26.50 so it's quite expensive to buy here in the Philippines because it only costs $18 at Clinique USA website.

Left: removed makeup
removed all makeup

Will I buy this again: Yes but I'll probably order form US.

Do I recommend this: YES

Saturday, October 26, 2013

MAC 217 Blending Brush | Review

What it says (
For shading or blending of colour or creamy products. This brush has fine, densely packed fibers that are arranged in an oval shape. M·A·C professional brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. They feature wood handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules.

What I say:
This is also one product I've been wanting to buy from MAC because it's very popular on youtube and makeup artists. I got mine at Duty Free Ph for $26.50. It is sold at for $24. It's super soft on skin / doesn't scratch, blends and applies shadows well, and fits perfectly on my crease. I believe you can also use this for concealer, contour etc. All I can say is that I love this brush!

Will I buy this agian: YES!!!

Do I recommend this: YES!!!

Where to buy: MAC SM Mall of Asia, MAC Glorietta, MAC at Rustan's Alabang Town Center
or visit for list of stores in the Philippines

Price: P1,300 at MAC Philippines

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Maybelline Volum' Express the Falsies Everlasting Waterproof Mascara | Review

Photo from

What it says (
Discover the new The Falsies Everlasting mascara from Volum’ Express
• False lash glam goes smudge-proof, flake-proof, life-proof
• 2 x more visible lashes corner to corner
• Multi-seal technology repels not only water, but oil as well
• Fights off flaking
• Contact lens safe and ophthalmologist-tested

For best results, hold brush with spoon side against lashes and sweep from root to tip. Repeat until desired look is achieved. Do not let dry between coats. Removes easily with soap and water or Total Clean Eye Makeup Remover.

What I say:
I got this at Duty Free Ph for $9. I've always used mascaras from Maybelline so I also love this. I don't notice a big difference with my previous Maybelline mascara so I don't know how I'd compare it. I lifts my lashes without curling it. Of course it looks better when you curl lashes before applying the mascara. Coat your lashes until you get the desired thickness or false lashes look.

Will I buy this again: Maybe but I'd like to try the other types like the Rocket

Do I recommend this: Yes because Maybelline mascaras are affordable and good quality


After: Right with mascara (not curled)

After:  Left - curled before applying mascara

Maybelline Volum' Express Turbo Boost Waterproof Mascara

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Human Heart Nature 100% Natural Bug Shield Lotion | Review

Photo from

What it says (
Ban dengue and DEET the safe and natural way!

Your trusted citronella insect repellant now packs an even more powerful punch against pesky mosquitoes with our improved non-sticky Bug Shield DEET-Free Lotion. Now infused with soy bean oil and eucalyptus oil for an added boost of protection and an even better scent!

Dermatologist-tested as non-irritating and safe

What I say:
I bought this lotion to replace my OFF and Green Cross Insect Repellent Lotions to switch to a natural one but I don't think this last for night use so I'm not impressed with this. It has a strong citronella scent. It's not greasy but feels thick like there's a thin film on my skin but when it dries it feels smooth like you had nothing on. As with any lotion it feels sticky when it gets wet. It's not good in repelling mosquitoes because on my first use I put it on my arms and legs and then I saw a mosquito trying to get close on my legs but it couldn't get closer to bite my skin. I still get mosquito bites in the middle of the night so this is not recommendable.

Will I buy this again: No

Do I recommend this: No for night use

Where to buy: Human Heart Nature dealers or from their website. It's also available in the US and other countries. Just visit this link and choose your country

Price: P94.75 / 50ml

Etude House Blending Brush | Review

I was looking for a blending brush like a MAC 217 and I couldn't find something like it from beauty stores. All they have are flat eye brushes. Then when I checked Etude House this is what I found and it's the closest I could find so I bought it. It was perfect for my crease but it disappointed me with the quality of the brush. It felt scratchy on my lids so I don't use it often.

Will I buy this again: No

Do I recommend this: Maybe

Where to buy: Etude House / I got mine at Alabang Town Center Branch or visit

Price: P198

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Human Heart Nature Tough Love 100% Natural Powder Detergent and Liquid Detergent | Review

What it says (
Tough Love 100% Natural Powder Detergent
Our 100% Natural Powder Detergent makes sure your family stays cloaked in clean clothes with a clear conscience. Chemical laundry detergents are notorious for the poisonous effects they have on aquatic life. This doesn't mean you have to go soft on dirty laundry when using a natural alternative. No way!

Tough Love by Human Nature is non-drying on your hands, biodegradable and 100% free from harmful chemicals, keeping you, Mother Earth and her waters happy. It also leaves your clothes smelling clean and fresh with no harsh chemical residue leftover leaving the fabric kinder to your skin. Tough on dirt, gentle on the earth!

Tough Love 100% Natural Liquid Detergent
Laundry detergents are notorious for the poisonous effects they have on aquatic life. This doesn’t mean that you have to go soft on dirty laundry. No way!

Our all-natural liquid detergent makes sure your family’s clothes smell clean & citrusy fresh with no harsh chemical residue leftover leaving the fabric kinder to their skin. It’s non-drying on your hands, non-toxic , biodegradable and 100% free from harmful chemicals, keeping you, Mother Earth and her waters happy. Tough on dirt, gentle on the earth!

No bleach. No chlorine. No enzymes. No synthetic fragrance. No optical brighteners. No petroleum. No chlorine. No phosphates that may harm aquatic life. Biodegradable.

What I say:
I've been switching to natural/organic peoducts that I use for my body and also for my clothes especially undergarments. The first I tried was not from Human Heart Nature because HHN detergents was not available at the grocery when I was going to buy it. Anyways, the first HHN detergent I tried was the powder form. It is fragrance free but smells a bit of coconut. I don't think it does much but it's still okay for me. It doesn't have much bubbles. It's like I'm cleaning my clothes with coconut water but that's not a bad thing. The only CON is when you leave clothes soaking for a day it smells bad.

As for the liquid it has a strong citrus smell when but it fades when the clothes dry. It removes stain when you soak the clothes. I was impressed when I soaked my cloth pantyliner (it was washed with black clothes and left black stain on the white side/washed with different soap) it looked like new again after washing.

Will I purchase this again: Yes

Do I recommend this: Yes

Where to buy: Human Heart Nature dealers or from their website. It's also available in the US and other countries. Just visit this link and choose your country

Powder - P199.75 / 1000g
Liquid - Original Price is P329.75 but I got it for P299.75 / 950ml.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

BeautyBlender Sponge (Pink) | Review

What it says on their website:
Now you can look like a movie star without the pricey services of a major make up artist. Introducing Beautyblender, the ultimate make up sponge applicator. Invented by top Hollywood make up artist Rea Ann Silva, Beautyblender has been created to leave you with a professional finish and a flawless complexion. Silva knows that the key to a perfect face is simple: a perfect blend. So forget your fingers or sharp-edged triangular sponges, these application methods waste make up and can leave visible streaks.

Beautyblender’s patent-pending elliptical shape makes application foolproof by allowing you to access hard-to-reach areas with stunning ease. Its suede texture is sensual to the touch and its unique curves fit the contours of your face, leaving your make up dazzling and undetectable. Beautyblender is latex free, non-allergenic and odor free.

What it says on
What it is:
A makeup sponge applicator.

What it does:
Beautyblender® is the first ergonomically designed non-disposable sponge applicator that allows you to flawlessly apply your makeup. It's designed to be cleaned with its partner blendercleanser®—making it super eco-friendly. It comes with an instructional pamphlet so you can quickly master your application technique.

Note: when wet, beautyblender doubles in size and becomes even softer, returning to its original size when it air dries. Its package can serve as a pedestal is the perfect way for the beautyblender to dry on your vanity. Not only is the smaller end the best applicator for concealer under the eyes and around the nose, but also for achieving dramatic results with your eye shadow. Feel free to use the beautyblender with all types of makeup, including loose powder and mineral cosmetics.

What else you need to know:
This non-latex product is hypoallergenic and can last up to three-four months if cared for properly. Beautyblender is an Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner.

What I say:
I was excited to find a good deal on ebay for 2 beautyblender sponges so I bought it as I was really interested to try this sponge. I sold the other sponge to my friend because I knew she wanted to try it too.

At first use I was kinda disappointed because my liquid foundation (Revlon Colorstay) did not apply as flawless as I expected but I tried it again and also with powder foundation and I loved it! I'm glad it did not disappoint me on my 2nd try. I think on my first use I applied the foundation directly on the sponge as on my 2nd try I dabbed the sponge into the foundation poured on a plate. That made the difference.

As for the packaging, I'm just disappointed with how it was packaged because the spikes inside the container which holds the sponges left a crack on my sponge and I'm worried on how long it would last but so far after using and washing it has not made the crack bigger. Just be careful in washing. Also I noticed at first wash that the sponge lightened. It washed out a bit of the pink but it's okay than leaving a pink in your makeup. But still it performs well.

 1st try

Top left: with Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation
Bottom Left: with Maybelline All in One Powder Foundation
Bottom Right: with Smashbox Halo

with Avon Ideal Luminous Invisible Coverage Liquid Foundation

Do I recommend this: Yes!

Will I purchase this again: Yes, I'd like to try the white or black sponge.

Where to buy it: I got mine at

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sassy Colors Nail Polish in Pink Lilac | Demo

How to Verify GCASH AMEX on Paypal

PayPal Home

I've been trying to search for answers on how to verify my Paypal account using GCASH AMEX because globe has instructions on how to use your GCASH AMEX to veify your account in paypal. All the people in the forums say that just call 2882 or the customer service for GCASH and request for your 4-digit verification code sent by paypal.

Just follow these steps on the link below and go to the question:
"How do I enroll my GCASH American Express® Virtual Pay account on Paypal?"

After completing the steps email:
with the subject and body below:

Subject: GCASH AMEX Paypal
Body: Name, Mobile#, Concern (request for your 4-digit verification from paypal)

After completing the steps above, wait for a response. In my case it only took 1 day for them to reply but give it at least 1week to receive your code because paypal sends the code within 48hrs. So just be patient. Also remember that there's a verification fee to be deducted in your GCASH AMEX but they will return it.

Hope this helps! Please let me know if you have successfully verified your paypal from reading this! =)

Get Rebates from Online Shopping!!!

I'd like to share with you how to get rebates from your online shopping! I was watching TV one day and it was a US talk show and there was a segment about earning rebates from your online shopping so I watched and listened and immediately searched for it on the internet to know more about it. Since a US talk show shared it I believed it was legitimate. The website is:  so after I visited the website I learned it has a list of a lot of stores like Sephora, Amazon, BH Cosmetics etc. that offers rebates for your shopping so I signed up! It gave me $5 just for signing up but I have to make a $25 purchase from their list of shopping websites to get the $5. I was planning to shop before the deadline of claiming the Sign-up bonus but I was able to shop early this month as my sister asked me to buy something from a US store and it was available at but unfortunately I forgot to open the link from so my purchase was not credited. But I was able to shop at and I was able to open the link from and I got a $4 rebate from my $50 shopping! Now I'm just waiting to receive that rebate in my Paypal account because I chose that cashback method. My cashback will be sent on November 15. I will update again once I receive my cashback. 

I hope you sign-up under my referral. Just click the link below.

Happy Shopping!

List of Stores:

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

As seen on:
As Seen on TV

Here's a preview of my first rebate from my Sephora purchase:

Received my Cash Back from Ebates to my Paypal Acct