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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Human Heart Nature 100% Natural Bug Shield Lotion | Review

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What it says (
Ban dengue and DEET the safe and natural way!

Your trusted citronella insect repellant now packs an even more powerful punch against pesky mosquitoes with our improved non-sticky Bug Shield DEET-Free Lotion. Now infused with soy bean oil and eucalyptus oil for an added boost of protection and an even better scent!

Dermatologist-tested as non-irritating and safe

What I say:
I bought this lotion to replace my OFF and Green Cross Insect Repellent Lotions to switch to a natural one but I don't think this last for night use so I'm not impressed with this. It has a strong citronella scent. It's not greasy but feels thick like there's a thin film on my skin but when it dries it feels smooth like you had nothing on. As with any lotion it feels sticky when it gets wet. It's not good in repelling mosquitoes because on my first use I put it on my arms and legs and then I saw a mosquito trying to get close on my legs but it couldn't get closer to bite my skin. I still get mosquito bites in the middle of the night so this is not recommendable.

Will I buy this again: No

Do I recommend this: No for night use

Where to buy: Human Heart Nature dealers or from their website. It's also available in the US and other countries. Just visit this link and choose your country

Price: P94.75 / 50ml

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