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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sophie Makeup Remover Wipes

Short quick review: So far I like this makeup remover and I always reach for this when taking my makeup off becuase it's quick and don't need to get cotton and makeup remover liquid coz it's all-in-one and it does the job. 1pc wipe is all you need for the whole face. Feels smooth after. Feels kinda sticky when it dries on your face but I washy face with my favorite Avon facial wash as it removes more dirt. It's the avon 360 White Cleanser. I'm also using the Facial Brush from Sophie to exfoliate and deeper cleanse.

Price: P115 for 1pack/20wipes
Price of Facial Brush: P95/1 brush

Will I repurchase: Yes, actually I bought my 2nd pack and I think I can't live without this. But I'd like to try other makeup remover wipes like the ELF one but it's more expensive than this.

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