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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fran Wilson MOODmatcher 12hr Lip Color in Orange

I wanna share a lip product I've been loving that I use it everytime I go out! It's a mood matching lipstick! I got it from Beauty Bar for only P195.00. It stains my lips so I love it more! The stick is orange/peach but it changes to peachy pink or pink. The color is just right not too light nor too dark. It smells and taste like wax but it's ok. Doesn't dry my lips much like it doesn't bother me unlike other lipsticks which leaves my lips very chapped even if I haven't removed the lipstick. Can't say how long it stays on my lips but it sure does have stain even after you ate which I love because I don't like reapplying everytime I eat or drink and most of all this doesn't show the pigmentation on my lip line when I apply and have this on all day unlike lipgloss/balms.

Do I recommend: Definitely Yes!

Will I repurchase: Yes, I'd love to try other colors! But for now I prefer to finish this before buying new ones but who knows! :)

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