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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Globe GCash AMEX Virtual Card (Prepaid Subscriber)

Finally I'm now registered in this service. It wasn't easy to get KYC'd until this year coz Globe Centers were not aware of this new service that Globe was offering. I even got pissed everytime I visited Globe coz they always have excuses like I can cash-in/out at SM bills payment or their gcash person is out for a break or I have to wait for hours coz they have an event going on. Then on January 11 or 12 I read from Globe's website that starting January 11, 2013 you can now get KYC'd at all Globe Centers! So I decided to wait a few days hoping I won't get disappointed again when I visit Globe then just today I visited and the same person greeted me and I told politely that I need to be KYC'd at the center to validate my GCASH account and he gave me an order# directed me to the customer service and there's no line so I got called asap then I talked to the CSR and he asked for a valid ID and he processed it. I waited about less that 15mins I think. That's it. They just scanned my ID and update their database. I don't even have to fill-up a form and wait for a text confirmation as instructed in Globe's website. I think that was for new GCASH subscribers. So, I immediately tried signing up online for the GCASH AMEX on my phone just to confirm if it was validated already and I got disappointed until I was on my way home and tried signing up again and voila! My subscription was successful! It was easy and fast! I already made my first transaction in Itunes and it was successful but deducted P41.89 twice so be careful when updating your Itunes payment details coz I didn't edit my billing at first so I had to update again that's why I got deducted twice.

I haven't updated my MyShoppingBox account coz it says on my manual that it'll be up after 24hrs so I'm not yet making
purchases coz I wanna make sure that my
MyShoppingBox account is settled. I'm excited to make my first purchase and hoping it'll be cheaper than buying imported stuff here as I love to buy/order imported stuff. So, I'm hoping I'll spend less than ordering from Pre-Order shops.

So,my account in My-Shoppingbox took so long to be activated but even though I can already order but I had problems with my account coz I can't login using my password. I think there was a mixup when I 'tried' to signup at My-Shoppingbox but didn't continue and cancel it so I think that was the problem why I can't login in my account at My-Shoppingbox. The customer service is very nice and helpful.

Even before Inwas able to login in My-Shoppingbox account I already tried to purchase just to try how this works before I order expensive stuff so I ordered from Amazon this empty palette which I'll talk about in another post but it's not yet on my hands coz I opt for shipnent by sea. But I'm happy to share that my order from MAC Cosmetics has already arrived just this afternoon and I'll talk about it in another post including te timeframe from when I ordered it til I had it in my hands. For this order I opt for shipment by Air.

Overall I can say I'm happy with my GCASH as I have been a customer for years. Hope they keep up the good service. Thank you Globe for coming up with this service!

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  1. Hi there! Do you still buy stuff on iTunes? Does Apple always charge your account an authorization fee?

    I already made my first ever purchase and noticed that there's a verification fee. Now, I'm afraid to buy another song. They might charge another fee. What I mean is they might keep on asking to update my payment details.