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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lioele Vita Shake Pack [Fruits] - Cranberry


What it says:
The fresh fruit ingredients which contain plenty of vitamins make your skin moist and healthy, and this fruit juice pack includes vivid grains like real fruits.

Cranberry = Pore Tightening & Sebum Control
Controls skin trouble effectively and hydrates for softer and moister skin texture.

How to use:
I can't read Korean so I searched for this on the internet and the instruction was to use this after washing face massage for 10-15mins then wash it with lukewarm water.

Packaging: 5ml x 20each cup = 100ml

I got 4pcs of cranberry in my cup.

First time I got this I thought the product was in powder form that I need to add water but when I searched for the instructions in the internet I found out that this was in gel form. So, I've been having bad skin lately and just yesterday after washing off my makeup my face felt rough and I had breakouts so the next day after washing my face with Guava Soap I decided to try this out and I chose the Cranberry pack because it is for troubled skin while it also hydrates.

So when I opened this it's like crushed jelly ace with small clumps which I think it is the 'vivid grains'. It also smells like jelly ace which is not bad. It's like I'm playing with jelly ace and putting it on my face afterwards. hehe! Just a quick reminder it is not edible as what I read on the site where I found the instruction.

Anyways, here's what I did: I spread and massaged it on my face for like a minute or so then left it for 15mins. I misread the instruction I found on the internet because I was excited to try this. =) Then after 15mins. I washed it off with lukewarm water. After drying my face I felt it was smoother and didn't feel tighter like other masks.

Pros: You get to try different masks in one cup and you have enough to cover your  face for each pack/use. You can bring a pack on out of town trips or vacations because it's sealed.

Cons: The only problem I have with this is that it has no english instructions on how to use this. I had to search the internet.

After Washing with Guava Soap

Lioele Vita Shake Pack [Fruits] - Cranberry

with Lioele Vita Shake Pack [Fruits] - Cranberry after 15mins.


Note: This is a sponsored review but my thoughts are my honest opinions.

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