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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pinkies Collections: Matte Trio Color Eye Shadow in MTCE-02

While I was looking for an eyelash curler I saw these eyeshadow refills in the shades I've been wanting to have and those colors are in orange, brown and light brown. These were priced at P70.00 and then the saleslady suggested if I would like to buy the one in a set then I checked it out and it had the two colors I picked up except for the light brown but the set had black instead which I also need for using as eyeliner so I picked up this set and below are the swatches and my opinions.

What I love about this product is that it's very pigmented that the orange is too bright when you put too much but I love this as I put shimmer eyeshadow on top of this orange and blend it to lighten it a bit. I think it lasts all day because when I first tried it the orange has left a stain even if I removed it with makeup remover. Second time I wore the orange is with a primer underneath and it's still there from 10am to around 2 or 3pm til I removed it with my makeup remover. You can see on the back of my hand that it's very pigmented. I didn't use any primer and I just swiped it once.

Also a good thing about this is that the production date and expiry date is printed in the box.

Do I recommend this? Definitely yes!

Will I buy this again? Yes, in fact I'm gonna buy the light brown and maybe the orange and brown too in refill so I could put it in my palette.

How much: P199.00

Where to buy: I only found this brand at Watson's Pacita Branch. I checked at SM Sta. Rosa to buy the refill and I couldn't find this there. :(

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